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Varney, Inc. Employment Application



  Varney Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race religion, color, national origin, age, sex, gender, disability, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.  

Introductory Information


Applicant Questions


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Criminal Background Information
If yes, please explain in detail below (if needed, please submit information on a separate sheet of paper). Please include the date of final disposition of the case and the nature of the offense. This information will not necessarily disqualify you from employment.  However, the failure to disclose criminal history or providing false or misleading information will rule out candidates.   Factors such as age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of the violation, and rehabilitation status will be carefully considered in making employment decisions as required by the EEOC.



High School Education
College or Technical School
Other School or Training
Tradesman's License


Employment History

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Military Experience
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Work-Related References
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 Statement (Please read this statement carefully before signing this application):


I understand that employment with Varney Inc. is at-will, meaning that I or Varney Inc. may terminate my employment at any time, or for any reason consistent with applicable state or federal law.

I understand that Varney Inc. will conduct a thorough background investigation of my work and personal history, and verify all data given on this application and during interviews. I hereby release the Varney Inc. and its representatives or agents, from any liability that might result from such an investigation. I authorize all individuals, schools, and firms named to provide any requested information and release them from all liability for providing the requested information.  It is the policy of the Company to conduct a Criminal History background check and review before making a final offer to full time candidates.

I understand that Varney Inc. requires the successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen as a condition of employment.  All employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing, including random tests, after their hire in accordance with Varney’s Drug-Free Workplace and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy.


I certify that all the statements in this completed application are true and understand that any falsification or willful omission shall be sufficient cause for dismissal or refusal to hire.

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